Convenor: Larry Kepko (USA)

In response to increased energy input associated with a southward component of the interplanetary magnetic field, the magnetosphere may store and release this energy through a variety of response modes. These include, but are not limited to, substorms, pseudo-breakups, steady magnetospheric convection, and sawtooth events. The coupling response is further complicated by pre-conditioning and mass-loading of the magnetosphere by ion outflow. The unprecedented magnetospheric in situ measurements (Cluster, THEMIS, MMS, Geotail), combined with extensive ground-based instrumentation, in particular high resolution auroral imagery, and advanced simulations, have greatly increased our knowledge of how the magnetosphere responds to different solar wind driving conditions.

We invite investigations that examine how the magnetosphere stores and releases energy obtained from the solar wind interaction, including substorms, SMCs and sawtooth events, and how these responses manifest in all areas of geospace.