Convenor: Steven Petrinec (USA)
Co-convenor: Karlheinz Trattner (USA)

Planetary magnetospheres comprise many different plasma regions, and these regions are often topologically and spatially separated from one another; characterized by the plasma parameters and fields within the different regions. The boundaries separating these regions are of finite thickness, and the processes occurring within these boundary layers dictate the physical interactions between the different regions. For example, at the outermost edge of a planetary magnetosphere, the magnetopause is bounded by various boundary layers which mediate via physical processes the interactions between the shocked solar wind and the magnetosphere. Recent spacecraft and ground missions have made it possible to make observations from multiple vantage points and at varying spatial scales and temporal resolutions, enabling important new insights into the operating physical phenomena of boundary layers.

In this session we focus on recent advances in the understanding of magnetospheric boundary layers. Contributions from data analysis studies, numerical model runs, and theory that address the physics of magnetospheric boundary layers and their influence on magnetospheric dynamics are encouraged.