Convenors: Adrian Muxworthy (UK)
Co-Convenors: Greig Paterson (China), Ramon Egli (Austria)

Whether we are looking at the history of rocks and sediments beneath our feet or meteorites from space, whether we are looking at paleoenvironmental signals or paleointensities, rock magnetic behavior is the fundamental mechanism that controls the recording of all these signals. In this session we bring together the broad spectrum of applied and theoretical rock magnetism. This covers, among other things, fundamentals of mineral magnetism, advances in (extraterrestrial) rock magnetic methods and techniques, as well as applications to paleoenvironmental reconstructions, understanding the fidelity of paleomagnetic signals, pollution monitoring, and biomagnetism.

Particularly welcomed are theoretical and experimental studies aimed at resolving open questions in paleointensity determination, the origin of magnetic anisotropy in ferromagnetic particles, lock-in mechanism of remanent magnetization, soil iron oxides pedogenesis and their interrelations with environmental factors, and biomineralization.