Convenor: Petra Knizova (Czech Republic)
Co-Convenors: Erdal Yigit (USA), Subramanian Gurubaran (India), Christina Arras (Germany) 

The objective of this symposium is to bring new insights into the understanding of the coupling processes in the atmosphere-ionosphere system. Coupling covers various dynamical, chemical, and electrodynamical processes. The coupled effects can be expressed in terms of the modulation of waves from the lower to the upper atmosphere as well as from low- to high-latitudes, electrodynamic and compositional changes, plasma drifts, electric fields and plasma irregularities at different latitudinal regions of the globe due to the varying energy inputs. Middle atmospheric dynamics, and particularly atmospheric waves, play a leading role in determining the variability of the atmosphere-ionosphere system. The MLT region is a critical region in the coupling between the lower/middle atmosphere and the upper atmosphere/ionosphere. It represents a physical filter and shape the flux of waves ascending through the mesosphere into the overlying thermosphere. The manner in which the couplings take place due to varying energy inputs from the Sun and from the lower atmosphere is a question that is yet to be understood. This symposium solicits papers dealing with experiments, observations, modeling and data analysis that describe the effects of atmospheric coupling processes within the atmosphere-ionosphere system. It will address both recent theoretical and empirical results concerning the coupling mechanisms through dynamics, composition and electrodynamics. The symposium will be particularly focused on the dependence of coupling processes on the solar and geomagnetic activity, the downward control effects transferring from the strongly solar dependent structure to the lower atmospheric levels and upward propagating structures induced in the lower atmosphere by changing solar activity.

This symposium is co-sponsored by the International Commission on the Middle Atmosphere (ICMA) of the International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science (IAMAS) and the Scientific Committee on Solar Terrestrial Physics (SCOSTEP). Scientific contributions related to VarSITI's ROSMIC project are encouraged.