Convenor: Maxim Klimenko (Russia)
Co-Convenors: Biqiang Zhao (China), John Bosco Habaruliema (South Africa)

The occurrence of equatorial spread-F, plasma bubbles, equatorial ionization anomaly (EIA), equatorial electrojet (EEJ) and the development of the F3-layer present a strong day-to-day variability, mainly caused by the ionospheric electrodynamics, thermospheric wind and wave actions (gravity waves, tides, planetary waves, TIDs and MSTIDs). Recent multi-instrument and multi-site observations, as well as, theoretical and simulation investigations have advanced our understanding of these phenomena, both during quiet and disturbed periods including geomagnetic storm and substorm, solar eclipse and solar flare, sudden stratospheric warming and different meteorological events.

The objective of this symposium is to bring together experimentalists and theoreticians to survey the latest results, examine new ideas and concepts, and to indicate important future directions in equatorial and low-latitude research.