M02 - Recent development of lightning and thunderstorm detection networks and their applications in meteorology 

Convenor: Ushio Tomoo
Co-Convenor: Eric Defer, Stan Heckman 

Lightning is a very long discharge in atmosphere and is produced in an electrified thunderstorm. Under the thunderstorm, heavy rain, strong winds, and tornadoes are also produced and become threats to our lives. Knowing where lightning occurs in thunderstorm is essential to understand storm electrification, and lightning physics, and observing thunderstorm structure is important to investigate relationship between lightning and thunderstorm environment and thunderstorm characteristics.

In this session, recent development of lightning and thunderstorm detection network and their applications in meteorology including

  1. Lightning Location System from Ground and Space,
  2. Radar Observation,
  3. New Technology to detect Lightning and New Radar Technology,
  4. Now-casting and forecasting of thunderstorm, flash flood, and severe weather are discussed.