M03 - Lightning discharges and Transient Luminous Events: Characteristics, Physics and applications

Convenor: Maribeth Stolzenburg
Co-Convenors: Marcelo Saba, Joan Montanyà 

Various forms of lightning discharges initiate within clouds in the troposphere, while Transient Luminous Events (TLEs) propagate in the stratosphere and mesosphere above thunderclouds. Although these phenomena have widely varying scales, lightning and TLEs share some physical characteristics that can be investigated with similar optical, radio-wave, and electromagnetic techniques. This session invites papers related to the character of electrical discharge phenomena within the lower and middle atmosphere, including lightning, Narrow Bipolar Events, Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes, and TLEs. Initiation and propagation of electrical discharges and their relation to the underlying thunderstorm charges will be discussed. Additionally, papers describing lightning chemistry, including NOx production and its variation with lightning and thunderstorm parameters, are of interest.

We also encourage contributions describing the physical mechanisms and applications of lightning attachment to ground.