M07 - Geoengineering

Convenor: David Mitchell
Co-Convenors: Philip Rasch 

Geo or climate engineering (CE) refers to approaches that attempt to diminish the effects or concentrations of greenhouse gases that have already been emitted into the atmosphere, but are not mitigation efforts. One category of CE deals with the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (CDR), and another category deals with the modification of shortwave and longwave radiation through the Earth’s atmosphere to cool global surface temperatures, known as radiation management (RM). A broad spectrum of RM and CDR approaches has been proposed.

This session focuses on RM methods, especially those modifying the properties and coverage of clouds, the impact of stratospheric aerosol injection on clouds and precipitation, and other studies on stratospheric aerosol injection. Presentations on CDR methods will also be considered. CE is a controversial topic, and contributions on the ethics and politics of CE are also encouraged.