M09 - Dynamics of Mountain Weather and Climate: Observations, Modeling and Prediction at All Scales

Convenor: Vanda Grubisic
Co-Convenor: Mathias Rotach

This session focuses on dynamical processes and phenomena that govern short- and long-term (climatic) state of the atmosphere influenced by orography, involving both wet and dry dynamics. A special emphasis of the session is on exchange processes of mass, momentum and energy between the air in the proximity of mountainous terrain and the free troposphere at all relevant scales.

Contributions based on theoretical, observational, modeling, or combined approaches are invited on a range of topics including, but not limited to, orographic precipitation, convective initiation in complex terrain, gravity waves and gap flows, thermally-driven local circulations, mountain venting and meso-scale exchange processes, boundary-layer processes in complex terrain, hazards and extreme events and predictability of terrain-induced flows. Contributions addressing physical process studies, high-resolution numerical modeling and physical parameterizations as well as measurement techniques and observations from complex terrain field campaigns are welcome.