M10 - Tropical Circulation Systems

Convenor: Patrick Harr
Co-Convenors: Michael Reed 

The tropical atmosphere exerts significant influence on regional and global environments, societies and economies over time scales that range from days, to years. This symposium addresses tropical circulation systems such as individual convective systems, tropical cyclones, tropical waves, regional and large-scale circulations, intraseasonal circulations, and systems that vary over interannual and decadal time scales. Topics can address fundamental physical properties that relate to lifecycles of circulation systems, their variability, and interaction. Contributions may also address the diverse linkages among tropical, subtropical, and mid-latitude global latitude bands.

Over the past several years, many field programs have been conducted on a variety of tropical circulation systems. Therefore, there is special interest in contributions that utilize new observations, technologies, and models to advance understanding on specific phenomena that were targets of special studies.