M13 - Comparative Planetary Atmospheres within and beyond the Solar System

Convenor:  Sanjay S. Limaye, Feng Tian
Co-Convenor: Athena Coustenis, Christina Plainaki, Christine Hvidberg (TBC), Scot Rafkin, Takeshi Imamura (TBC) 

An abundance of new information from spacecraft missions such as Cassini, Mars Express, Venus Express, Akatsuki, New Horizons, as well as from telescopes on Earth or in orbit around Earth, has been obtained about planetary atmospheres in the solar system since the last symposium.

Hubble and ground based telescopes have also yielded information about atmospheres of exoplanets. Further, numerical modelling studies have provided useful results on the present or past c composition and circulation of these exoplanetary atmospheres. This symposium will highlight results on past and present composition, processes and regional and global circulations of all planetary atmospheres.

This session will be organized according to gaseous planets and those with rocky surfaces.