M18 - Advances and Frontier challenges in Global Monsoon Studies

Convenors: Jianping Li, Andrew Turner
Co-conveners: E. Hugo Berbery, Harry Hendon, Jun Matsumoto, Kyung-Ja Ha, R. Krishnan, Fred Kucharski, Allesandra Giannini, Serge Janicot 

The symposium focuses on advances and frontier challenges in global monsoon studies, including observational, diagnostic, theoretical, modelling and prediction studies of the monsoons. Contributions can cover a large range of topics including: formation, variability and dynamics: formation, features and variability of the global monsoons from the paleomonsoon to the present day at various time-scales and relevant fundamental physical processes; scale interactions between climate mean state and different modes of monsoon variability; interactions among different spatial-temporal scales and different latitudes as well; teleconnection patterns related to the global monsoons;

Linkages: linkages with the principal modes of climate variability and related underlying mechanisms; relationships among different monsoon systems; interactions between Northern Hemispheric atmosphere and Southern Hemispheric atmosphere;

Impacts: impacts of monsoons on extreme weather and climate events; the role of monsoons in Earth's energy budget and water cycle; impacts of anthropogenic forcings (aerosols, land use change, greenhouse gas emissions etc.) on monsoons; the role of monsoons in global change;

Predictability: predictive skill of the coupled atmosphere-ocean-land system in the monsoon regions; model intercomparisons on monsoon simulation and prediction; future projection of the monsoons under global warming;

Presentations are also invited on the latest results from monsoon in-suit experiments.