P02 - Physics and biogeochemistry of semi-enclosed and shelf seas

Convenor: Johan Rodhe
Co-Convenors: Mauro Sclavo, Ruben Kosyan 

Most enclosed and semi-enclosed seas are exposed to severe environmental stresses from highly populated costal areas. Due to limited water exchange they are often extremely vulnerable. In the same time these areas of high socio-economic value.

This symposium will specifically deal with physics and biogeochemistry of marginal, enclosed and semi-enclosed seas. They often possess complex multi-layered, mesoscale-dominated circulation influenced by variable bottom topography, atmospheric forcing, large evaporation, river runoff, and tides to varying degrees.

They also exhibit highly diverse and multiply-controlled ecosystem structures and biogeochemical cycling. Because of the limited geographical extension and the timescales involved in their processes, they are widely recognized as natural laboratories for studying oceanic processes and interactions between the physical, biogeochemical and climatic spheres.

Bringing together experts from different regions, this session will give a global overview of the topic through comparison and elucidation of similarities and differences. Contributions are invited on innovative theoretical, observational and modeling studies concerning the physical and biogeochemical aspects, their interactions, and the influence these regional seas exert on the adjacent basins/oceans and on the global scale.