P05 - Advances in Monitoring, Detecting, Understanding, Hazard Assessment and Forecasting of Mean and Extreme Coastal Sea Level

Convenor: Christa G. von Hillebrandt-Andrade
Co-Convenors: Phil Woodworth, Vasily Titov, Alexander Rabinovich  

Rapid growth of coastal populations and nearshore development have increased the need for sea level data to understand, monitor, detect, predict and forecast current, long term and extreme variability. Data from sea level monitoring stations have a wide range of applications including research, planning, hazard assessment and operational and warning systems.

The session seeks contributions on developments in technology and operations as well as the status of sea level stations and networks. It also welcomes presentations on advances in scientific research and studies on understanding the dynamics of sea level change, as well as extreme sea level events. The session will also discuss the use of sea level data for coastal operations, hazard studies and warning systems. Advances in sea level data use for the detection and forecasting of tsunamis, storm surges, climate change and other sea level extremes are welcome, as well as contributions on techniques of sea level data analysis and data archival.